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Along with providing basketball news, results and highlights from both the NBA and Basketball Ireland, we also have an RSS feed to The Starters, an NBA podcast. You can find the links to their latest shows in the sidebar!

Basketball Ireland

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About Basketball Ireland: Basketball Ireland is Ireland’s national basketball body, which is part of FIBA (the International Basketball Federation). Basketball Ireland runs various competitions, across all age ranges. The biggest tournaments that are run are the Mens Premier League, The Womens Premier League and the National Cups. The Mens Premier League sees 10 teams playing against each other with the best record and most points winning the title. The Women’s Premier League sees 8 teams playing against each other with the top 4 teams advancing to a round robin tournament for the Championship. The National Cups sees all teams playing a round robin tournament.


NBA Logos of all 30 teams

About the NBA: The NBA is the biggest basketball association in the world. There are 30 teams and they are split into 2 Conference’s (15 in the Western Conference, 15 in the Eastern Conference). Each team plays 82 games, from late October to mid April. A big annual event is the Christmas Day games as the NBA are the only sports organisation to play games on Christmas Day. Christmas Day sees 5 games played back to back (12, 2.30, 5, 8 10.30). The 8 best teams in each conference go into the Playoffs (16) while the remaining teams go into the Draft Lottery, giving them the best chance to draft college superstars.  The Playoffs sees 3 rounds, which goes from 16 teams to 8 to 4. The 4 remaining teams play in the Conference Finals, with the winners of each advancing to the NBA Finals. The NBA Finals is the biggest series in the NBA as both teams play for the Larry O’Brien trophy.